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Active Deals

Hey remember how Spotify was just giving away Google Home minis for Premium subscribers? Well, now Sirius XM is giving a 3 month free trial to anyone with a Google Home device, so if you took advantage of that offer, don’t miss this one!

Requires a credit card at sign up so make sure to put that cancellation date in your calendar!

Basic Bargains

My “basic bargains” are everyday deals and policies, rather than limited-time discounts.

5% off almost everything all day, every day with the Target REDcard. There’s even a debit card option that links directly to your bank for the credit-averse!

  • Every day price match for major retailers (including items sold directly by Amazon)
  • after-purchase price adjustments
  • no-questions asked return policy

Members can also earn rewards certificates based on how much they spend annually, and they offer extra incentives for pre-ordering video games.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Coupons for 20% off or $5 off $15 (even better for small purchases!) are always available and they also have an outstanding return policy.

Newegg offers special promo codes that only work for their email subscribers. If you have any interest in Tech(ish) deals then you’ll want to take advantage of these deals. I will include active deals that utilize these promo codes so go sign up now!

This is the page where I’ll be gathering tech deals for the nerdish family. I will try to focus on relevant technology, but I may feel differently on a day to day basis about what counts as relevant. I also reserve the right to post things that aren’t really tech, and deals that aren’t really for a limited time, if I think they’re likely to be of interest to my readers. 

Categories Likely to be Covered

  • Mobile Devices

  • Smart Home/Home Automation

  • Kid-centered Tech

  • Voice Assistants

  • Apps

  • Gaming Consoles 

**Note that I’m a PC gamer snob so I’ll definitely be addressing PC building in the future but I expect that’s less of an interest to most other moms, even the nerdy ones. Correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll get to it sooner because I love to geek out over PC builds!**


How to get your Deals

Follow me on social media to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. This page will be kept up to date so you’ve got one place to find it all. Let me know in the comments if anything is expired!


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