These are the things keeping me from blogging.

10. Kids

And not just mine anymore! Our new house is totally suburb, on a literal cul-de-sac. And cul-de-sac means kids. My Gal Friday has already made best friends with two girls that live across the bag and the three of them run around almost every day making memories and messes.

Meanwhile, The Young Wolf is newly one (a much better thing to celebrate mid-February than Valentines Day ugh) and is learning to walk and put every single thing in his mouth. He’s finally gaining a smidge of independence, which is great because I don’t have to hold/babywear him every second anymore, but instead he’s always getting into something! As a compromise, we turned our whole dining room into a baby Yes Space. Hopefully that work will be paying dividends soon!

9. Moving

We did finally get the apartment emptied out and cleaned up, but there’s still boxes galore at the new house and unpacking is it’s own kind of nightmare. Further, moving means learning new tricks and routines, adjusting the the little differences between the old home and the new. Some people adjust to the new environment quickly but we’ve been slow to adapt!

8. Renovating

We’re mostly in the planning stages, but that takes plenty of time too! With Ikea’s kitchen event just kicking off, I may have to make an actual move soon. Our kitchen is entirely too pink for comfort.Don’t worry. This is from before we moved in.

7. Facebook

I’ve taken breaks from social media pretty regularly but right now I’ve been on a Facebook kick – especially with election news to talk about almost every day. Plus Star Trek fan groups.

6. Audiobooks

Having something going on my headphones is a great way to keep my mind on task for whatever I’m trying to do – if it’s something like cooking or cleaning or changing diapers, that is. Listening to a book while trying to do something else that deals with words is not recommended.
But since, until a few days ago, I was in the middle of my third time through Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, in a challenge to myself to finish it in under a month (took 28 days for the 14 books, excluding the prequel), I’ve been too tempted by the spoken words to write my own!

5. Podcasts

Like I said, I always have something going in my ears. A couple months ago I caught up on my self-help podcasts and dove face first into RPG podcasts. And tonight when I got to the YMCA and dropped the kids off at childcare I had to choose between listening and working, I went with avoidance.
Stay tuned to hear my opinions and recommendations.

4. Video Games

I got Mario Kart and Just Dance for Christmas, so I can play with MGF, but mostly I’ve found myself enamored of my present to Dr. Nerd – Breath of the Wild. It’s also the first ever Zelda game I’ve played!
When I’ve got a minute of freedom, some Link on my Switch and some D&D on my headphones have been winning out lately over actually writing.

4. TV

Between the Deep Space Nine rewatch and also my first rewatch of King of the Hill in ten years, I’ve definitely been spending more time in front of the TV than the keyboard.

2. D&D

That’s right – I’ve joined my first ongoing campaign! I only play for a few hours every other week, but the time taken up comes in the form of the research and experimentation I’ve been doing. It’s my first campaign and I’m our main healer so I don’t want to screw it up!
For what it’s worth, D&D also set off my Wheel of Time kick so it can take some of the credit for that time sink.

1. My Own Damn Brain

The real, #1 productivity killer right here. Between moving, the seasons, and just all those other real-life obligations, I’ve found a perfect storm of anxiety/depression that just won’t let go.
As such, I’ve been really perfecting my avoidance strategies.
But the only way out is through. Beware that as I struggle to get back on my feet there may be some (read: a lot) of filler as I make myself and my blog a priority again, and get back into the daily habit of writing. Which might mean I blog about the stuff that’s usually relegated to Facebook, so I’m sorry in advance!

What I do promise is a post coming very soon about what to do when you’re ready to get back on track once your productivity tools are no longer working for you.

Your thoughts? What do you do to avoid your obligations?
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