Update and Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to let you know that I didn’t disappear or get kidnapped by one of the Fae or anything.

What happened was that Dr. Nerd and I did this outrageous thing where some people wanted to move into a different house, so we told them that we kinda liked their house and would give them some money for it, then they agreed and we had to go through all this back and forth and short story long, we’re now homeowners for the first time ever.

So what that means is between moving and xmas stuff, I got kind of behind on blog stuff.

But the other thing it means is that you can expect lots of home-improvement-related posts coming up in the roaring 20s.

I thought about documenting the wallpaper removal in our entryway, but it ended up coming down SO easily that I figured it would just be frustrating to most people, whose walls weren’t so nicely prepped before that paper went up.

What do you think? Do you want to see a wallpaper removal how-to where the paper just peels off in one strip while you’re scraping and crying and taking chunks of drywall with you while trying to get the glue off?

No? What else might you want to see next year? Let me know!

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