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Just like last time, you can find the DIY version on the Google Drive!

In case I wasn’t clear before, we only fill in a blank when we get to it. It’s not like Mad Libs where you make up everything first (although you can do it that way too!) I just include the first page with all the fill-ins so you can keep track easily.

Fill-in-the blank friday. Faer-weather Friends

Faer-weather Friends

Our story begins with a boy playing in his backyard. His mom said he was too loud inside so she sent him out on this cold winter day. He is dressed in a scarf and hat and puffy white gloves on his hands that make it very hard for him to hold onto anything. Because of this, he has his favorite toy, a Pikachu tucked under his arm as he runs around the yard.

He wishes one of his friends were around to play with him, so when he sees a flash of color disappear out of the corner of his eye, he chases right after it, to one side of his house. It’s already rounding the corner by the time he gets there and he follows it around to the front of the house. 

In the front he sees nothing. He looks back behind him, and across the street. Just in case, he crosses the front of his house to check the other side. He makes his way into the space between his house and the next. A dandelion growing there shakes and he pushes his way close and bends over to check behind it, but whatever he thought he saw isn’t there now.

He stands up and turns around and falls right onto his butt!

Standing over him is a tall, round man, dressed head to toe in one color, down to every detail except his fuzzy white cuffs and the pom-pom at the end of his pointy hat. His coat is yellow, his pants are yellow, and even his face looks a little yellow. The boy thinks the man must have been outside in the cold a bit too long.

“Who are you?” the boy asks.

“Me? Who are you?” the man asks in return, tugging on the end of his long, white beard. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m Charlie, and I live here!” says the boy.

“You live in a dandelion?” asks the man. He shrugs. “It’s a nice dandelion, but I didn’t think children lived in dandelions, usually.”

Charlie laughs. “No, I live in the house!” he says. “You didn’t tell me your name or why you’re here.”

“Oh, I can answer that second one. I’ve lost my reindeer and I was looking for them,” the man says.

“Well there aren’t any reindeer around my yard!” Charlie says. “If you won’t tell me your name then I’m just going to call you Charmander. Do you want to play a game, Charmander?”

The man laughs from his belly. “Yes, I love games! Then I’ll get back to looking for my lost reindeer.”

“How about horseshoes?” Charlie looks down at his white gloves and wonders if he could hold a horseshoe.

“No,” says Charmander.

“Well, I think…” Charlie begins.

“No!” says Charmander. “No horseshoes. Let’s play duck, duck, goose.”

So they set up to play duck, duck, goose, and they play three rounds. They even give Charlie’s pikachu a turn! Charlie is panting and tired and his face is red and smiling.

“That was fun!” Charlie says. “Can we play hide and seek now?”

Charmander chuckles. “Yes, but I should warn you that I am very good at hide and seek.”

Charlie puffs up his chest. “I might be just as good. You’ll see.”

Charmander squats down to be face-to-face with Charlie. “Before I hide, I have two questions for you. Have you been a very good boy this year?”

Charlie thinks hard for a moment. “Yea,” he answers truthfully.

“I appreciate your honesty. And if you could have a wish answered, what would it be?”

Charlie laughs. “Like from a genie?”

Charmander tugs his long beard. “Or just something you would like.”

“I guess I’d want Pokémon and Frozen toys,” says Charlie.

Charmander nods. “Now go count to twenty and I will hide away very, very well.” Charlie begins to walk away and Charmander stops him. “Don’t skip any numbers and don’t peek. I’ll know!”

So Charlie goes to count to twenty and follows the rules very well and doesn’t peek. But when he raises his head, he doesn’t see Charmander anywhere, even though Charmander is a very large man and the backyard is not very big.

Charlie checks the front yard, and both sides of the house. There’s nowhere Charmander would fit that Charlie hasn’t already checked! He looks one more time, then begins to wonder if Charmander understood the rules or if he went to hide in a neighbor’s yard.

“Charlie!” he hears his mom’s voice call from the back door.

He turns from the street. “Coming mom!” he yells as he runs to meet her. Charlie hopes that Charmander doesn’t have too much trouble finding his lost reindeer, and he hopes that he’ll come back and visit again soon.

The end.

How’d it go?

Share your fill-ins here! Did you have any particularly good combinations? Hit me up in the comments or on Discord!

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