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There’s one more app that I wanted to talk about, but didn’t fit in with my previous post. I was going to bring up in the context of helping your kids learn some time management skills of their own and then I saw that there was an update recently that kind of changed the game for me a little bit. 

Time Management: you know, for kids. It's about Time

Kids need to learn routines too!

The app is called Timo and it is intended to help teach your kids routines. So they have a morning, afternoon, and evening routine, and the parents can designate tasks from their selection to complete during that time. When they set up a routine, the parents set a timer for each task.

When a kid starts a routine, it pops up and tells them: brush your teeth, okay now wash your face, now go get dressed, then it’s breakfast time, etc… Timo tries to keep the kids focused on doing each step of their routine in order when they’re in the app. 

Once each task is finished, they can move to the next one, and they are encouraged to finish before the timer goes off. The alarm song is cute though (there are a couple options) so it’s not stressful. 

The goal is to teach the kids how to stay on task and keep their focus on their routine until it’s done.

You know, for kids

Recently I had a thought that I wish there was an app that would basically walk me step-by-step through routines. Checklists are great, but sometimes I really struggle with figuring out what I’m supposed to do next. Despite the list, my mind wanders and I end up wandering around trying to remember what was supposed to be next or where I’m supposed to find that out. 

It would be nice to have an app that could do some hand-holding to get me through all of the steps of my routine in order, so I don’t spend so much time just floundering. And then I realized that what I really wish I had would be like Timo, but for grown-ups. 

Although that really would still be nice, Timo recently released an update which allows you to add your own custom tasks, which means that now I can have a routine that includes doing brain dumps in the morning or that has checking email as part of it. (No, checking email is not part of their standard tasks for kids!)

I only learned about this a couple days ago, so I’ve only just started playing with it. So far, though, I’m really having fun trying it out and hearing some cute music while going through my tasks. 

If you struggle with routines like I do, I recommend trying Timo out. Otherwise, still look into it to help your kids learn their own routines. It’s nice because it’s actually fun for them, so it seems more like a game than a chore. 

Gamify all the things! 

You earn stars for each task you complete which you can use in their avatar shop to buy different outfits and pets and stuff for your little Timo person.


The last thing I want to bring up is that they sent me an email a couple days ago for Thanksgiving. I thought it was really sweet and touching and was not what I was expecting. They asked me to forward the email to friends, but I decided to go a step forward. (Image to follow, but links included below.)

It's Thanksgiving season in the US. 

3 Things Children Appreciate
Most from Parents

Question: What do children desire most from parents?

Answer #1: Children want parents to be kind to them even when they don't deserve it.

Of course, it is okay to require children to behave or perform in order to be rewarded. But not all gifts should be reward based. Sometimes we give to our children for no good reason other than love. The best gift is one that has no strings attached at all. My sources tell me that the greatest gift is TIME together to:

    Swing - play
    Roll in the fall leaves
    Yeah ... even do TIMO


Answer #2: Children want parents to be forgiving of them even when they don't deserve it.

Our children are doing most things for the first time in their young lives. Gosh, we parents at some point are also doing the parent thing usually for the first time.

Be forgiving. Let your children know that even though they make mistakes, they can't lose your love.

Just a - "That happens sometimes."  goes a long way.

Be forgiving of yourself also. Parents make mistakes, too. Laugh loud and hard and be thankful that no permanent harm was done.  


Answer #3: Children want to grow up in a home where they feel secure.

Hats off to all the single-parent households where there are moms or dads exhausting themselves to make a home where children feel safe. We at TIMO love you parents and are deeply grateful to you for being there for your children.

Hats off to all the dual parent households who also exhaust all efforts to live at peace with one another, to show children how #1 and #2 above are lived out.

    Out give one another.
    Forgive one another.


Our TIMO mission: Join you and the many others in our community to raise great kids.

We want to hear from you: 

    How do you spend time with your children?

    How can TIMO help?

Hit reply and tell us. We read all of our emails. We care about how you are doing.


BIG - Did you know?

You can now add personalized tasks on the newly updated TIMO app?

New Task idea for you and your child

Play an online game together: My wife and daughter absolutely love to spend time together on this app: Did we say it's FREE?

Click to get => Kitty Collector <= Click to get

                                               Neko Atsume

One last thing

Enjoying TIMO? Please forward this email to a friend and ask them to:

    be gracious
    be forgiving
    be at peace

with their children and one another.

They can download the MOST RECENTLY UPDATED TIMO app at: 
Google Play or Apple iTunes

Timo is available for free on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.  

Your thoughts?

Have you ever tried Timo, or another time management app for kids? What’s your favorite? Hit me up in the comments or on Discord!

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