My gal Friday’s first D&D session

This past weekend we had a gaming convention in my city, including one day that was family-friendly. So we took the whole family and had some really great success!

Quality Time: Gaming

Dungeons & Dragons

I’ve been doing some research lately to see how maybe get myself into an online game where the other players will be totally tolerant of me having no idea what the heck I’m doing.

So when this con came up, with a whole room full of games going on all weekend long, I had to sign up for a beginners’ game! But that really meant that I also had to sign my gal Friday up. I was a little hesitant – obviously if I was anxious about other players being tolerant of me, I was way more worried about them accepting a speech-delayed 5 year old!

Before anything else, I want to say that the guys in our game (the GM and two others who were in our party) were wonderful and so patient with her. They gave her a chance to do her part and made sure to include her and help her where needed, and once she started getting bored (because it was a four hour session!) they were very tolerant and accepting of that.

Secondly, MGF did amazing! I’m so excited now to look for more specifically kid-friendly games. She actually stayed engaged about two and a half hours out of our three and a half hour scenario. Usually she can’t sit in one place for fifteen minutes!

I played a halfling ranger who loved animals and was super-empathetic, named Ash. MGF was an Elvish wizard who called herself Elfo (umm yes she watches Disenchantment with me – oops!) 


Splendor is a pretty popular game, but one I haven’t played before. There were actually a few copies in the lending library at the convention today, plus one in the raffle, and I overheard a volunteer say that it was one of her favorites. I was a little worried because it said it was a 10 years+ game, but it just seemed like the thing to try.

I’m so glad we did!

Splendor is available from Amazon for a great price at the time of writing so it’s definitely going on our xmas list! If you click through and buy something from Amazon, I’ll receive a small commission – thanks!

A lot of games have an age-rating that is basically based on the required reading. Some of them really only have a little reading, but you can kind of modify the rules to get around that, while others don’t have much gameplay at all beyond being able to read. (Card games especially tend to fall in this category.)

Splendor not only requires exactly zero reading in the gameplay – there’s not a single word anywhere on the game pieces or cards – but it actually does require very basic counting/addition. It’s fantastic for kids that are still learning these things.

There’s some strategy involved that would make it pretty well impossible for a five year old to beat an adult who is playing to win, and I assume that strategy is why it recommends 10+, but I can absolutely vouch for it as a quality option for gameschooling. Especially since it’s a two-player game, which means we could still play it when Dr. Nerd is at work.

Cosplay Competition

MGF also wore her Ash Ketchum costume to the con and entered in the cosplay competition, winning a runner-up prize of an assortment of dice! It’s so perfect that now she’s got her own gaming dice because I think that will really help her stay excited in the RPGs I have in mind for the future.

Stay Tuned!

Your thoughts?

Have you ever done any tabletop gaming (especially games that aren’t specifically for kids) with your kids? Have they ever played any D&D or other RPGs? Do you want to join us in a kid-friendly campaign once I figure out how to set that up? 

Hit me up in the comments or on Discord!

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