Toggl + NaBloWriMo Update

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Time-management apps

There are a bunch of different apps to keep track of how you spend your time. I used Smarter:Time for a while, and I did like it, but I wasn’t super comfortable with it seeing what I was doing on my phone all the time and in the end it felt like I was spending more time managing Smarter:Time than actually doing the things I was trying to time in the first place.

Toggl + NaBloWriMo Update

Enter Toggl

Toggl is a timing app, offered in a free version, and a paid version that is more for people using it professionally to track billing hours. It’s essentially a fancy stopwatch. 

You start it when you start working, and then toggle it off when you’re done. Easy. The free version also offers a few options for organizing your tasks into projects, and add tags. Right now I’ve got the single project “NaBloWriMo” and then a few different tasks I do: writing a post, planning, working on the site, etc… 

What I do is just hop quickly on the app, click on the task I’m currently working on (or start typing it, it’ll come up as long as you’ve already used that task), and it starts timing right away. There’s also a web app:

NaBloWriMo Update

Now that I’m ⅓ of the way through the month, I thought I’d do an update for NaNoWrimo. I should have 16 hours and 40 minutes. And this right here is the reason I wanted something like Toggl instead of just using a stopwatch to time myself. The app keeps track of how much time you’ve done on your different tasks, over whatever time period you want. 

Since this is a November event I’m measuring, I can just set it to show me the whole month-to-date and see I’ve worked just over 15 hours so far. I’ve got a little catching up to do! I was actually on track until this weekend, but since I got to spend so much quality time this weekend with my family I definitely won’t complain. 

Post about said quality time right here!

Your thoughts?

Let me know if you’ve used Toggl or any other time-management apps. What do you like? What isn’t so great? Hit me up in the comments or on Discord!

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