Tech(ish) Deal – Google Home Mini FREE to Spotify Premium Subscribers

Spotify Premium users – new or old can get a Google Home Mini FREE! Anyone who pays for Spotify (except those on the student plan) is eligible, as long as they’ve never redeemed one of these codes before.

Photo by Thomas Kolnowski on Unsplash

If you’re not a member yet, that’s $10 to get a month of Spotify Premium AND a Google Home Mini.

I love how they’re actually rewarding long-time subscribers too, and not just the newbies!

Just a heads up that the home mini first shows up as $0, then will say it’s $49, but when you actually check out it says $0 again. And yes I totally bought this and it’s my first Google home device and I’m excited to try it out! (we’ve been an Alexa family to date, but you can never have too many tech companies spying on you, right?)

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