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Earlier this month I said something about how it was going to be summer all through October and here we are on day 31 with a forecast of rain and temperatures barely above freezing just in time for trick-or-treating. Literally a 70 degree swing over the course of 30 days. 

Costumes and Cosplay

Costumes and cosplay

Despite my best lack-of-efforts, my gal Friday’s costume came together pretty well! I dislike just buying complete mass-produced costumes, for a bunch of reasons, though I can certainly appreciate the convenience they offer many parents. 

  • Cheap quality (but not price) 

Usually store-bought costumes are made from very thin fabric with poor stitching. There are exceptions – like the Sailor Moon dress I was looking at for MGF, which, according to reviews was more of the quality of an actual dress of a comparable price. This brings me to the next point. 

  • One-time use

Because of the low quality, even if the costume makes it through the Halloween season, it’s not like real clothes, so it can’t be worn over and over every day, and if your kid is like mine, that’s a problem. 

  • Not unique

The obvious result of mass production, all the costumes look the same. This has two effects- when your kid wants to be a superhero (like MGF and her Batgirl costume last year) it means she looks the same as everyone else. Worse is when they want to be something weird – like the year before when she wanted to be Sarah and Duck, or the year before that when she went as vault boy. Those options don’t exist at all. 


Now, just because I don’t prefer store-bought costumes, that doesn’t mean that I have the time, energy, spoons, or skill for a great handmade cosplay. I have a couple friends who are serious cosplayers and are featured in publications and stuff and I’m so not on their level. 

So here’s what I do instead. I try to capture the sentiment of the character rather than worrying too much about getting something that looks exact. And put together storebought pieces that are higher than “costume” quality. 

  • Buy real clothes

When you do this, the costume can be worn again and again as long as it fits. For vault boy that meant we bought a blue onesie as the base. It wouldn’t be great for a realistic vault suit but it was perfect for a cuddly toddler mascot. And we still have it! The young Wolf can wear it when he gets a little bigger. 

  • Buy or make accessories 

For Sarah and Duck, I knitted her green hat, but for Batgirl we bought a mask, gloves and boot covers, and a utility belt (which was actually a toy, not meant for a costume.) The accessories may still suffer from the poor quality issue, but at least it’s not the whole dang thing!

  • Add custom touches

I love using iron-on fusible interfacing for this because my sewing skills are really mediocre. We used it last year and the year before with felt from our craft stash to make her bat and duck decals, respectively. For vault boy, we added numbers to the back of her vaultsuit, but I did all the yellow trim on the sewing machine. 

Of course, the interfacing isn’t super strong when not followed up with needle and thread, which can be a positive or a negative. If you want to revert the clothes back to normal – just peel off! 

  • Have fun!

Remember part of the point here is getting the exact costume you want. You may have noticed MGF in this year’s costume up there: Pokemon Master Ash Ketchum! Yeah her backpack is Disney Princesses and yeah she’s got on an orange shirt. It’s not picture-perfect by any means. But she’s got on what makes her happy, and that’s the whole point of dressing up!

Here she is side-by-side with all her gym badges as well as me in my five minute costume (note: I’m not Jadzia Dax, just any old unjoined Trill!)

Weather is weird 

There’s a freeze warning tonight and it was pushing 100 degrees earlier this month. I’m just saying it’s not right…

Your thoughts?

What do y’all do for Halloween costumes? Does anyone do full homemade costumes? Cause like… I wanna see! Hit me up in the comments or on Discord!

And once again thanks to anyone reading! I had fun this month but I’m also excited for next month and having a chance to move in a little different direction! 

It’s about time!*

*’cause, remember? Time travel? The NaNoWriMo 2019 theme? 

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