In this last week we’ve got a bunch of legendary beasties coming up:

U is for Unicorns
V is for Vampires
W is for Werewolves
X is for X-rays (skeletons) 
Y is for Yetis
Z is for Zombies

That’s a lot of spoop condensed into one week! 

U is for Unicorns

U is for Unicorns

Unicorns are weird. They appear independently in stories from many different cultures. And these days they’re a favorite for adults as well as kids. It’s tough when your kid discovers your stash of rainbow and unicorn stickers for your planner and you have to explain “yeah but…they’re mine!” (Don’t worry, I share with her)


There’s some speculation that unicorns may have been invented upon the discovery of the rhinoceros. A rhino does have the one major horn on their nose, but I’m gonna stay skeptical that someone saw this:

Photo by Casey Allen from Pexels

then described it as “kind of like a horse, but with a horn on its head,” and when someone drew this:

their response was, “What? Oh yeah, close enough I guess.”


Narwhals are adorable and I’m all about making them the “unicorn of the sea.” But since a narwhal is a real thing, it’s important to be real about what they look like even when doing cutesy animations. 

A narwhal, not being an actual unicorn, should have their tusk coming from the front of their face where a nose might be. Not out of their forehead. That top one is just a bottlenose dolphin with a horn, I don’t even know…

Cute narwhal:

Narwhals are also great for the bullet journal, when the modified tooth is placed correctly.

Here’s Some Unicorns

I didn’t draw these. They’re from Canva.

Visit the NerdishMom google drive to download a pdf if your littles want something to color!


Who in your house loves unicorns? There’s always one. (It’s me. In my house it’s me…) Hit me up in the comments or on Discord!

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