G is for the Great Pumpkin

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Y’all I’m officially one week into the 31 posts of October with today’s G is for the Great Pumpkin. 

This is what my watch told me this morning:

Fun fact: the rest of that message was “That’s gotta feel good!”

And no, I wasn’t up waiting on the Great Pumpkin. Just different things pulling in all directions, plus Dr. Nerd starting a new rotation and getting sick on top of it. “Luckily” he was sick on his one day off so he pretty much slept through it. 

All the snaps to the full-time work-at-home parents, because…damn…

G is for the Great Pumpkin

G is for the Great Pumpkin

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is over 50 years old now. So it’s not only been around for our whole lives, but for some of the younger parents out there, it’s been a part of Halloween celebrations even since their parents were kids.

We’re going to have a hard time topping yesterday’s heart-pumping experiment, especially since I’m not trying to violate copyright law, so here’s your options if you’re looking to share the story of the great pumpkin with your littles this holiday season. 

  • Catch it on ABC entirely for free – it’s airing 10/22 and 10/27 
  • Go out and buy it. I saw the DVD and Blu-ray on sale last time I was in Target. Check it out in Tech(ish) deals. It’s also available to rent or buy on digital if you’re the instant gratification type.
  • Grab a book – check your local library! Or Target and Amazon both have this picture book.
  • Visit The Family Dinner Project for some of the story plus some fun prompts to discuss with your family around the dinner table. I love this idea!
  • Just make it up. If you remember much of it then you can try to hold true to the details if you want. If you don’t, go off books and make up your own great pumpkin story that would make Linus proud! You can even ask the littles to tell you the story, or even better take turns and do it together. Remember “yes, and…”!


Is the Great Pumpkin part of your Halloween experience? How do you incorporate it into your traditions with your new family.

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