E is for Eerie

E is for Eerie! Day five includes a poem definition of eerie and some questions to get your kids thinking!

Day 5 – let’s do some Saturday synonyms.

31 Posts of October Day 5 E is for Eerie

E is for Eerie

E is for Eerie but what does that mean?

It’s a good word to know around Halloween.

Eerie is something that’s creepy or scary.

Like fog in the dark or a spider that’s hairy.

Eerie is spooky so this Halloween

Make sure to note eerie things that you’ve seen!

Questions for kiddos

What other words mean the same thing as “eerie”?

Eerie and scary mean similar things, but they’re not exactly the same.

Can you name anything that is scary but not eerie?

Eerie but not scary?

Share any cute answers in the comments!

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