13 Ways Pokemoms GO! like no one ever was

If you think you might be a Pokémom (or Poképarent), there's one surefire way to find out. Check your score against this list of 13 things Pokémoms do.

Do you got what it takes to be a Pokémom?

You may identify as a Pokémom (or Pokédad, or Poképarent) just because your kid likes Pokémon, but let’s be real. Many of us were young enough to play Pokémon – video and/or card game versions – in school and are nudging our kids that way more than just a bit. (*cough* Dr. Nerd *cough*)

And then there are those of us who came to Pokémon mostly as adults. I can’t even explain it myself. In high school I did play Pokémon Yellow just a bit on my brother’s gameboy but that’s about it. Until Pokémon GO came out I’m not sure I knew any Pokémon beyond Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Snorlax and yet here we are…

So how do you know you’re a Pokémom (or Pokédad)?

1. Your Patronus is a Pokémon.

It’s probably Snorlax. They don’t want to do anything but eat or sleep. That’s my jam.

2. You do the Team Rocket motto at least once a day.

Extra credit for making up your own versions, and extra extra if it rhymes.

3. You give your kids your “extra” Pokémon TCG cards.

You pretend it’s just being nice but really it’s so by the time they’re old enough to play they’ll have a full deck and you’ll have an in-home opponent.

4. Your house is FULL of Pokémon stickers.

Some of them even belong to your kids.

5. The anime is on the TV even when your kids aren’t around.

And sometimes you replay episodes because you weren’t paying enough attention and you simply must know what happened.

6. You have a favorite Eeveelution

pokemoms go far away from this glass cannon of a jolteon. Image shows a yellow fox pokemon with his attack stat maxed at 15, a defense of 1, and HP of 0.
Hint: it’s not this guy

7. Bulbapedia is bookmarked in your browser.

But it’s not like you really need it…

8. You base the play areas you visit on the presence of gyms/Pokéstops.

“Mall walking” or “going to the playground” is code for playing Pokémon GO.

9. You’ve got at least 3 different forms of Pokémedia in your house.

Video games, TCG, manga, chapter books (and other kids’ books), TV shows, soundtracks, movies…

10. “Shiny” is one of the most exciting words you know.

Jermaine Clement’s song from Moana has a totally different meaning to you than the other parents. 

11. You can pick out the other people playing PoGo with 90% accuracy.

It’s helpful when you’re trying to do a raid.

12. You liked Detective Pikachu.

Probably more than your kids.

13. You know the entire Pokérap.

Honorable mention if you’ve spent specific effort learning it, even if you don’t know it all yet. Bonus points if it was stuck in your head for this whole list.

Extra special Bonus:

You base the entire structured part of your kid’s education on learning different Pokémon.

Join in!

If you’re a die hard POGO Pokémom then maybe your friends list is already maxed and you’re part of all your local groups and everything. But many of us are not so hardcore. Feel free to share friend codes in the comments, or on our gaming Discord! (I know – using a Discord server to chat about games? It’s weird, right?)

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