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Pick a homeschool topic to capture your nerdy kindergarten kids' interest and let them lead the way!

Sorry, fam. One of these days I’ll write a nice long, well-researched and thoroughly cited post about homeschool and play-based learning and things to go along with this kindergarten homeschool printable. But today too much fun got in the way. We slept in til almost 9 (one of my favorite things about homeschooling!), the whole family went to meet some other moms for mall walking where we learned they finally put in a play area – just in time for cooler weather, then I found a Mexican restaurant right down the road that had great food for really cheap.

For now, please accept this humble offering of my kindergarten homeschool printable (offered in black and white or rainbow colored) instead and just one bit of advice.

Whether you’re homeschooling or not, don’t let learning become a power struggle. Don’t force your kids to sit still and do “schoolwork” all day when they want to be up and playing. You want your kids to enjoy learning and power struggles make that impossible.

That’s why, instead of your average worksheet, I created this one that can be custom tailored to my daughter’s interests.

Find a topic your kids can’t get enough of

If, like me, you have little nerds running around, this shouldn’t be too hard. Pokemon works great because there are currently over 800 of them so we’ll never run out. But there are plenty of other fandoms that work just as well. Marvel and/or DC would be great. Disney has tons of options. Star Wars could obviously keep you going for a long time. You could even mash up some Nick Jr/Disney Jr/PBS shows to get a wider option of characters or concepts from those shows. Since Pokemon is what works for us now, I’ll use that for my examples going forward.

Pick a “Pokemon of the day” and on your kindergarten homeschool printable:

  • Write their name at the top
  • Name the first letter – It’s your letter of the day
  • Count how many letters are in the name – That’s your number of the day
  • Come up with some other words that start with the same letter
  • Draw a picture of your Pokemon of the day
  • What colors do you need to use? What shapes?
  • If appropriate, try writing the letter of the day
kindergarten homeschool printable

The letter and number of the day can be carried over into the rest of your day too. “Look! There are seven socks in your drawer right now – that’s the same as the number of letters in Pikachu!” When we are sitting and doing our official homeschool work, I put a lot of emphasis on any words that start with the letter of the day. “What other words start with P? Can you think of any other Pokemon that start with P?”

So that’s what we do right now – note that I’m adding more items all the time.

Spend the rest of the day on play-based learning

Worksheets have their place and I made this kindergarten homeschool printable to give us a bit of structure while still playing, but in the under seven range at least, most learning should be done through active play. You could even do cool tie-ins like doing water play when you have a water-type Pokemon, sand or dirt play for ground type, planting seeds for a plant-type, even learning about electricity when it’s Pikachu’s turn! Stay tuned for more detailed ideas for science experiments to go along with this worksheet!

In the meantime, download the kindergarten homeschool printable. Just like my planner printable, this one is available through Canva as a template. If you just want to get your hands on a PDF without going through Canva, sign up for the mailing list below and you will be mailed a link to access our community’s google drive downloads folder.

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