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We talked a little bit in the minimalism post about how to display nerdy collections, but a picture is worth a thousand words so let’s see some examples! For more inspiration (and a whole lot more photos) check out my Pinterest board on Nerdish Decor!

1. Reading Rainbow

Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy goes into some depth about organizing her rainbow bookshelf

Take the opportunity to organize books, figures, or any other collection by color and create a gorgeous display that brightens the room, and your spirits.

2. Display Nerdy Collections as Decor

Instead of simply organizing, or hiding away, make a bold statement and use your collections explicitly as decor. You can either make a display designed especially for your collectibles, or else use your collectibles to make the artwork itself, like using cheap comics for decoupage. (note I don’t recommend breaking out the hot glue gun for items you actually want to keep in good condition)

3. Seasons Greetings!

Decorate for the holidays with your collectibles. If your collection is something like nutcrackers this may be really on the nose, but you can play around with it too. Instead of rainbows, sort into Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring color collections and rotate through the year.

Save your Nightmare Before Christmas figures all year to pull out for Halloween (and/or Christmas if you’re one of those people.) Don’t think of it as hiding away something you love – use it as an excuse to give yourself something to look forward to.

4. Media Madness No More

When you’re organizing your media, less is definitely more. But that doesn’t mean that none is most. 

Maybe the stereotypical controlling wife wants her husband to hide all his memorabilia away so no one will know that he has interests of his own but that’s not what’s happening here. We’re all nerds with interests here – female, male, and nonbinary alike. 

For that reason, I prefer a small, particularly beloved or attractive selection of media be used to represent the collection as a whole. For us it’s Dr. Nerd’s LoTR extended edition DVD set and a few select steelbooks for our movie collection. The rest is kept in a storage ottoman. 

  • DVDs and CDs are especially not cute on display, as opposed to vinyl, books, and comics, so the majority of the collection should be: 
  1. ripped to computer. 
  2. stored out of sight. 

That can be in a cabinet, storage chest, box in the garage (if you have it on streaming or computer), whatever, just as long as you don’t have to look at the boxes. But why not frame some of your favorite cover art and use it as a decorative piece? 

  • Comics can be displayed on a photo ledge if you have a small collection. Otherwise consider keeping them in boxes or drawers with one display comic on the front of each box to represent the contents (DC, X-Men, 1970s, etc… depending on how you want to organize). 
  • For books, games, and other media, think about how libraries and stores are laid out. They’re not crammed to bursting with product or else shoppers would never be able to engage with anything. But they’re also not so sparse as to be space inefficient. They use a balance of packing some areas full (often the bottom shelves) while leaving some breathing room around featured products that they want to draw the eye to (typically higher shelves that are eye level). 

At home you can pick the books and games that you feel excited to see and feature those items while efficiently packing the books you want to keep, but don’t necessarily need to see every day, out of the way on the lower shelves.

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