14 Warning Signs of Nerdy Parenting

Still not sure if you’re a nerdish parent? Here’s just a few of the signs of nerdy parenting you’ll want to look out for.

1. You refer to “dress up” as “cosplay.”

And playing princess means Leia and/or Wonder Woman.

2. Your kid’s first cosplay was as an ewok

Oh wait that was my kid. No, wait… That’s all nerds’ kids.

To be fair, they make all those little cute bear outfits, they must expect this.

3. Unlike many parents, you love answering 2,651 “why?” questions each day.

4. You cherish the world of group costume opportunities that open up by adding a small person to the mix.

5. As such, you’ve used your baby as a prop for your own halloween costume

Why yes, that’s a baby TV with Sick, Sad World on the screen.

6. Speaking of “sick” – you can forget WebMD. You only click on Mayo Clinic.

And yet you still wind up unsatisfied with the quality you find there.

7. Your kid literally wears a hooded cloak wherever they go.

oops mine again

8. You barely hold in your disappointment when your kid asks to go to bed.

because you wanted to watch one more episode of Pokémon.

9. The real reason you want them to learn to read isn’t so much their own personal fulfillment,

but more that you want to discuss your theories about Neville being the most important person in the wizarding world.

10. Honestly having kids is just an excuse to listen to the other half of the TMBG ouevre.

11. You wish your kids would just sit and play video games with you

instead of always wanting to go outside and like… Talk to people.

signs of nerdy parenting - gaming on the go
the solution

12. When someone gives you parenting advice you ask for peer-reviewed research backing it up.

To be fair, most moms try to do the research, but they don’t all have a source at a university who can score them access to all the journals.

13. PBS kids fanfic. Written for adults only.

Where is Katarina Kittycat’s deadbeat dad? What’s going on with Professor Wiseman and TMWTYH behind closed doors? These are the questions we’re all asking.

14. Dice.

Do I really need to say more?

What am I missing?

There’s obviously more signs of nerdy parenting to be found. Is short term memory loss a symptom specific to nerds, or is that for all parents? Hit the comments if you’ve got suggestions you want added to the list (with credit, of course!)

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