Are you nerd enough?

Are you nerd enough? If you call yourself nerd, then you'll fit right in here at

Welcome To The Nerdishmom.Com Launch!

I’m glad to meet you! I’m a Pokémom, a bookish mom, a nerdish mom, and if you somehow made it to this site then maybe you’re a nerdish parent too. 

Are you nerd enough?

Spoiler Alert: 

Yes. It’s always yes.

And here’s the longer version:

When I started college (let’s not get into it but suffice to say it was some years ago) I refused my nerdishness.

It was not because I thought being a nerd was shameful. It was mostly because I wasn’t very good at certain types of video games and I didn’t like to play them around other people. It was mostly shooters (thank god for VATS) but also more seemingly innocent party games like Super Smash Bros which always made my anxiety flare.

So then if I wasn’t a nerd, what was I?

  • I was the salutatorian of my class, an engineering major.
  • I was the captain of the science bowl team, and a member of both academic team and science olympiad, and a state math field day competitor.
  • I was an avid reader – a lover of dystopias, science fiction, and books about cosmology.
  • I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 
  • I had an opinion on Star Wars vs. Star Trek. 
  • Daria was my role model. 

Wait a minute, maybe I wasn’t much of a gamer, but I was a nerd!

Fear of being exposed for a fraud held me back from claiming my title. That’s right – I had imposter syndrome about being a nerd. I said that I was “not really a nerd” before anyone else could. Luckily, I’m now way too old for that. Nerdishness has become so cool in recent years – I blame computers – that it’s gotten to be just another way for us to gatekeep and demand perfection instead of just having fun and making friendships over our shared interests.

But now that I’m a parent, I have no time for that. My time and anxiety are all devoted to feeling like I’m not mom enough. I can’t worry about not being nerd enough either. I was never gonna make Slytherin anyway so I won’t fret over not being a pureblood. I’m nerdish enough for me, and that’s all that matters. 

That acceptance is what I would want for my kids, and it’s what I want for my readers too.

are you nerd enough?

Okay, but what is

Well you can probably guess that it’s a parenting blog, with particular focus on all things nerdy. And geeky. And – fair warning – I might even use those terms interchangeably without shame. If you want to spam me with memes about the difference between geeks and nerds, feel free. If they’re funny I may even share.

When relevant, I’ll bring up scientific research related to my posts. We’re trying to keep things nerdish, after all.

Posts will mostly fit into one of the following categories:


Tips, tricks, ideas, printables, and more, most likely along with a fair amount of asking for advice as a beginning(ish) homeschooler myself. In the immediate future this will focus primarily on topics most appropriate for kids in the 4-7 age range.

Nerdy Living

Making sense of this world for nerdish adults. Some posts will be specific to parents, but many will be relevant to anyone in their 20s/30s/40s living the nerd life. I want to discuss our priorities and how to fit our nerdy interests into our already busy schedule, and how to survive when you’re a parent but you forgot to ever learn how to adult.

This section will also include all things home, productivity, organization, etc… filtered through the mind of a nerd with anxiety and general scatterbrained/mombrained-ness. (Yes, mom-brain is a scientifically proven phenomenon.) Researching productivity tools is basically a full-time job for me, so I’ll share techniques and products as I try them, as well as layouts and printables that work best for me – especially the ones I couldn’t find anywhere else. 


Parenting-specific posts with a nerdish flair, including topics like screen time, tabletop gaming for kids, and how to connect and communicate with your kids, especially for introverts. Also Pokémon. Like…Just so much Pokémon.


The love of my life. Don’t tell Dr. Nerd. I’ll cover some tech deals that I think may be of specific interest to parents as well as home technology projects designed for non-techy persons. It’s my goal to make consumer electronics a topic that feels less bewildering to the average consumer. If even one reader decides to build a custom PC from reading these posts, I’ll be ecstatic.


Last but so-totally-not least. I’m not just starting this blog to yell off into the abyss. I want to hear back from other nerdy (or nerdish) parents. If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, suggestions, or other input please leave a comment on this page, email me, or reach me at any of the social media outlets provided. I want a place where we can all come together and build each other up, so come join me!


There will definitely be some growing pains while things get up and running. Please, please, please let me know about issues and errors you run into because I’m running a one-mom team here and I’ll take all the help I can get. Style and themes should also reach some sort of consistency as I get my content built up. Thanks for your patience!

If you’re interested in contributing or doing a guest post for then please get in touch with me and let’s see if we can work something out.

All that Nerdish

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